zip formato da piu' file

April 30, 2019

From "zip" manpage ("man zip"):


One use of split archives is storing a large archive on multiple remov?
able media. For a split archive with 20 split files the files are typ?
ically named (replace ARCHIVE with the name of your archive) AR?
CHIVE.z01, ARCHIVE.z02, ..., ARCHIVE.z19, Note that the
last file is the .zip file.


-s splitsize
--split-size splitsize

Split size is a number optionally followed by a multiplier.
Currently the number must be an integer. The multiplier can
currently be one of k (kilobytes), m (megabytes), g (gigabytes),
or t (terabytes). As 64k is the minimum split size, numbers
without multipliers default to megabytes. For example, to cre?
ate a split archive called foo with the contents of the bar
directory with splits of 670 MB that might be useful for burning
on CDs, the command:

                zip -s 670m -r foo bar

could be used.


e nel mio caso...

zip -r -0 -s 3g -v fotoFestZip festa

-r :ricorsivo

-0 nessuna compressione (sono foto ... in un formato gia' compresse)


fotoFestaZip : (parte del) nome dei file zip

festa: cartella contenente tutte le foto

zip formato da piu' file - April 30, 2019 -